Monday, April 12, 2010


Hi Everyone,

I am often asked by patients to give them my opinion about vaccinations. As a chiropractor vaccinations and medications are legally out of my scope of practice. To my patients' annoyance, I can't comment, so I won't comment here either. Since I am only presenting one side of the debate, however, I will ask that you remember that there are very good reasons to get vaccinated. I would make sure you do your homework. Hopefully this will help.

It is relatively easy to find information on why to get vaccinated. One of the easiest ways to get information in favor of vaccinations is to talk to your medical doctor (MD). You could also probably find some good information on the CDC (Center of Disease Control), FDA (Food and Drug Administration), or NIH (National Institute of Health) websites. For those of you looking for the other side of the coin, I hope this will help. -The video is really long (several 10 min. sections), but worth watching. You can also get the transcript to read. Also note that the MMR vaccine that they are harping on here is from one company. Not all companies have the same problems with their vaccines.